Kingdom Building

Community Development Corporation

2615 Melrose Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

Phone: (513) 376-7993


Our mission is to partner with other community based agencies to support and enhance the quality of life for families and children at the state, county, and city level by providing early childhood education, job readiness, counseling and youth activities through faith and non-faith based programming.





KBCDC is a non-profit corporation. The organization was originally established under the name “The Kingdom Building Foundation Inc.” on September 22, 2005. The company was founded by Kenneth L. Taylor and the late Thomas O. Saunders. Initially, the organization’s sole purpose was to assist St. Mark A.M.E. Zion Church to raise money and create community based programming to help build and maintain the new location of their church. Organizational progress was revitalized in the late months of 2008 when Bridgette T. Cameron, developer of the early childhood education and Youthwyze programs, joined the organization.

"Promoting Family Stability"                    

Today KBCDC represents a collection of programs geared towards enhancing family life. The purpose is to promote positive programming that will promote family unity, achieve economic stability, and provide positive youth activities. These programs are designed to build and develop a positive community at large.